2010-2011 Year in Review

The International Intellectual Property Society (“IIPS”) hosted ­­ten (10) seminars presented by world-renowned experts during its September 2010 to June 2011 season.   Our speakers included such notable officials as Mr. Benoît Battistelli, President of the European Patent Office (EPO) and Dr. Rama Rao, Office-in-Charge, WIPO NY Coordination Office.  Topics ranged from a review and update of patent law in China to the international law applicable to cyber-spying and cyber-attacks.  A total of eighteen (18) transitional/non-transitional CLE credits for New York or New Jersey, including 2 Ethics CLE Credits, were available to attendees.

IIPS events afforded attendees the opportunity to learn about current trends and issues as well as to participate in stimulating conversations with industry peers. The presentations included:

Ethics in the Patent and Trademark Fields (September 14, 2010)  Robert B. Levy, Esq. Group Manager – Senior Patent Counsel to Thomson Licensing Inc. and Frank L. Politano, Partner in the firm of K&L Gates, LLP reviewed the ethical canons of behavior, including recent court decisions regarding ethics.   Attendees earned two (2) CLE credits in Ethics.

China Patents and Patent Quality (October 13, 2010)  Zhang Yan, Senior IP Law Counsel for IBM discussed the examination and enforcement of the different Chinese patents that can be granted in “China IP – Landscape and Practice Tips’.  Marian Underweiser, Counsel in IBM’s IP Law Strategy and Policy discussed the ‘Patent Quality Index’ which the authors believe will enable drafting better patent applications – from the perspectives of examination, enforcement and defense..   Attendees earned two (2) CLE credits.

Discussion with the EPO President (November 15, 2010).  Mr. Benoît Battistelli, President of the European Patent Office (EPO), discussed recent developments in negotiations between member states and insight into provisions that might advance harmonization.  He described his goals within the EPO and with other stakeholders.  Attendees earned one (1) CLE credit.

Emerging Topics in Advertising and Marketing Law (December 15, 2010) was presented by Gregory Casamento, partner, and Alan Sack, of Counsel, in the New York office of Locke Lord Bissell & Liddell LLP. Attendees earned two (2) CLE credits.

International Human Rights and Intellectual Property (January 13, 2011) was presented by Samuel Murumba, Professor of Law at Brooklyn Law School.  Professor Murumba has actively participated in many international human rights organizations for over two decades.  Networking and further Q & A followed his remarks at our annual Holiday Reception.  Attendees earned two (2) CLE credits.

Protecting your Cloud IP (February 8, 2011)  Michael Ben-Shimon and Harris A. Wolin, both of the firm of Myers Wolin, LLC, addressed the latest buzz surrounding cloud computing and the patent enforcement pitfalls that can accompany the frequently trans-national nature of such operations.   Attendees earned two (2) CLE credits.

Gray Goods and First Sale (March 8, 2011).  Scott M. Smedresman, Esq. discussed gray market goods, including the contours of what constitutes a permissible and impermissible sale, and how the first sale doctrine impacts this analysis.  Attendees earned two (2) CLE credits.

Designing the Future (April 26, 2011)  IIPS had the honor of co-hosting an event with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).  Dr. Rama Rao, Office-in-Charge, WIPO NY Coordination Office, provided an update on the status of major WIPO initiatives, and Michelle K. Riley, Esq., Powley & Gibson, P.C., and Guillermo Jimenez, Esq., Assistant Professor at FIT, discussed the implications of design and copying in the fashion industry.   Attendees earned one (1) CLE credits.

Cybersecurity: legal framework governing offensive and defensive cyber operations (May 24, 2011).  Orin Paliwoda, Esq., founder of Paliwoda PLLC, addressed the technical and strategic considerations of cyber-offensive operations as well as how International and U.S. law attempts to deal with such threats.    Attendees earned two (2) CLE credits.

USPTO Policy Update (June 7, 2011).  Al Tramposch, Director of International Affairs and Administrator for Policy and External Affairs at the USPTO, presented “International Patent Palaver: Substantive Harmonization and the SCP (Standing Committee on Patents)”.  Professor Justin Hughes, Senior Advisor to the Undersecretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property and Professor of intellectual property and international trade at Cardozo Law School, presented “From Geneva to Swakopmund – (why) everyone is doing Intellectual Property”.  Attendees earned two (2) CLE credit.

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